FOR SALES AND PRICING  -   Will - Director of sales for ENO AU/NZ -


Follow the travels and adventures of  EagleNest1. The complete Hammock system fro ENO Nation Australia. We will be following it via this blog, our Facebook page, Instagram, Tumblr and especially Youtube, if you would like to be part of the journey contact us!

We will be using the hashtag #eaglenest1 across twitter, instagram, tumbler etc so you can follow the journey. We will also be putting together short trailers of the videos and putting them on our YouTube channel as updates.

This is less a review and more sending the kit around to see if we can motivate people to get out into the Australian bush, we are asking all people interested to make the Hammock kit a part of the adventure, and let us know what happens.

Take it out, have a bit of fun trying something new then chuck the Hammock in the washing machine, pack it up and we will let you know where to send it next, we will be helping out with postage costs so give it a go!

FOR SALES AND PRICING  -   Will - Director of sales for ENO AU/NZ -


If you are interested in getting involved contact us though the reviewer tab at the top of the page, to make sure you keep up to date on this project and many more follow us on:

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