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Survival Storehouse Pty Ltd becomes social media influencer for Australian outdoors market, we have progressed from a distributor/reseller of outdoor products to become a major presence in social media marketing and are experiencing success across Facebook, Instagram, twitter and YouTube.

Survival Storehouse has been importing products and marketing to customers in the camping, hiking and outdoors market across Australia for over 6 years.  “It has become apparent to us after the effort we have put into our social media channels over this time, and the contacts we have made, that we could support and influence our growing base social media community in product and service choices, so we made the decision to move into this as a major role for the company.” 

“We had already built up visibility and trust across the outdoors community for supplying great products and outstanding customer service to the point we were in constant contact with a lot of the active social media and sports enthusiasts on a regular basis, so when we floated the idea of using our network to help promote our customer businesses and organisations we were met with great enthusiasm.” 

“We not only enhance our own social media platforms but we help our contacts build up theirs as well.  We recently pioneered a new product review concept for ENO Nation and their Onelink Hammock system we have dubbed “eaglenest1”.  Making the product the story, we have sent a complete kit out to the community where it will travel from person to person as we follow the journey, the idea being “How did ENO Nation help us get away this weekend?” We have had massive interest in this and see more and more following every day. We are looking forward to expanding it with more products and ideas.” 

“Our strategy is to build up our online social media channels and bring together the top influencers in the outdoors community to help them get visibility as well. We have over 40 active contacts who together reach over 200,000 targeted viewers in the outdoors market across Australia.” 

“We are garnering interest from US manufacturers looking to get a jump on their competition by road testing next season’s product lines in the Australian summer ready for winter to end in the US, as well as providing a platform for manufacturers to get some visibility in the Australian market as they expand out from the US and European markets.” 

“Social media changes everyday.  What was popular and tested yesterday can be totally different today and having a partner who is across this changing landscape helping support your subscriber base and manage product reviews and testing to then advise and allow you to focus on core business has been an initiative that Survival Storehouse is finding very successful.” 

“If you have a product or service and are looking to enter or improve visibility in the Australian outdoor community, you can contact us at our facebook page .” Sue Barnett, Survival Storehouse Pty Limited.


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