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Two great Aussie blokes doing great reviews and really enjoying their work

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We are reviewing more products every day, if you would like to be part of our Australian outdoors product review network contact us now.

If you are a manufacturer looking to have your products field tested in the wild Australian outdoors let us know. Our network covers over 200, 000 subscribers across all popular social media platforms distilled in just over 40 reviewers.

The Survival Storehouse network brings together trusted advisers who use Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Instagram, websites, blogs and forums to provide informed opinion across a wide user base. We are taking products at no charge for reviews at this time, just supply your product and we will get it tested, reviewed and promoted across Australia.

We are very keen to promote new social media channels across Australia so if you are looking for content let us know! We will help you build your audience with free products to review plus we will promote your content to help build your subscriber base.

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New fishing gear - More details soon


Great Australian product reviewing, well worth checking these guys out

Checkout the first part of the Scrubba washboard review by @lifeofi7

some of our reviewers

Aussie Survival instructors

Based in NSW ASI run great survival courses as well as provide quality product reviews